South Jersey Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Modern bathroom remodel

Although small, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. This is the reason why new homeowners in South Jersey will pay huge sums of money for a house just because the bathroom is well designed and appropriately equipped. If your bathroom however feels smaller and less functional, you should then consider a bathroom remodel. Taking on a bathroom remodel makes it easy to install all the faucets and cabinets you have been dreaming of, and even add some functionality to the same. Although a redesign may not be necessary, it may be the only way to create more space to the same. Discussed below are a few simple small bathroom remodeling tips and ideas to help you get started.

1. Consider a corner sink: While a pedestal sink may be important, it can ‘eat up’ lots of space in a small bathroom. To bring in some practicality and more space, why not have a contractor that does bathroom remodeling in South Jersey install a corner sink instead. Truhomes LLC can help create more space with this type of sink especially in the high traffic areas. In addition to this, you can have it installed over corner cabinets where you keep towels, hence more practical.

2. Expand the mirror: Expanding the bathroom mirror can help create an illusion of more space in the same. Although a vanity may come in handy, why not have a mirror stretching across the wall instead. One of the main benefits of expanding the mirror is that the bathroom will seem much larger and even capable of accommodating two people at the same time. If working with a less-than-ideal space, then this idea will help turn things around.

3. Mount the towel bar on the door: Most people have towel bars mounted on the wall adjacent to the shower head. This can make room feel confined especially if there’s limited space. Using the bathroom for hanging used towels to dry off is an excellent idea for confined bathroom spaces. All you need to do is have the towel bar mounted on the door.

4. Proper lighting: Even the biggest of bathrooms can seem small if not well lit. Taking of natural light outside, or installing good lighting fixtures can help improve the mood and feel in the bathroom. While installing colored lights may seem trendy, you need to pick the right theme that lights up the room evenly. LED strip lights can come in handy for this purpose. You should also consider installing a large mirror opposite the window. This should amplify natural lighting in the room.

5. Consider wall-mounted faucets: Wall-mounted faucets come in handy particularly when space is an issue. The main advantage of mounting faucets to the wall is that it allows a narrower vanity or sink which frees up more space in return. Although it may not seem much, this is one of the best ways to save up on bathroom space.

With the right ideas, a South Jersey bathroom remodeling project can be fun and thrilling. Hiring a certified and experienced remodeling contractor in South Jersey for the job also makes it possible to achieve desired results. Consult an interior designer if you want more from the remodel.

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