Building an ExpressionEngine Add–on

You’ve built your fair share of EE sites and have used third party add–ons on multiple occasions. You’re pretty sure what the difference is between an Extension and a Module. Perhaps you’ve read a “Hello World” plugin tutorial online somewhere, and maybe you’ve even downloaded a template package from But, as you might have found out, one does not simply build an add–on.

Following his EECI talk and recent screencast, Low will explain the thought process behind building an add–on. What choices have to be made, what resources can be used and how to write clean and efficient code. We will build an add–on from scratch, covering the basics and slightly more advanced topics.

What You’ll Need

Bring a laptop running a local web server (like MAMP PRO or XAMPP) and make sure you have an EE sandbox site ready. Basic PHP knowledge is a prerequisite.

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