@ The Bridgewater Hall

The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

EEUK returns for another gathering of ExpressionEngine designers, developers and evangelists.

The stunning Bridgewater Hall will host a great mix of regular and new speakers, covering topics like add–on development, optimisation and performance, bootstrapping, and much more. There’ll be something for everyone, from beginner to expert. Plus, it all takes place in Manchester – home of the computer, and one of the UK’s most vibrant cities. Join us. It'll be really, really good!

The Bridgewater Hall, Lower Mosley Street, Manchester, M2 3WS.

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Getting There

Manchester has a great tram network. If you’re arriving by train, switch to a tram at Piccadilly Station and jump off (not literally) at either St. Peter’s Square or Deansgate–Castlefield. The Bridgewater Hall is a short walk from either stop.

Exploring Manchester

If you have some spare time, there’s plenty to see and do in Manchester city centre. Check out Visit Manchester for some ideas. Personal favourites include: Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester Art Gallery, John Rylands Library, Noho (Manchester's answer to Soho) and coffee in North Tea Power, Cornerhouse, Chinatown, and a cheeky pint in Sam’s Chop House or Dukes92.

17 May 2013


  1. Registration

    09:00 – in the Circle Foyer.

  2. Ian Ebden

    Ian Ebden

    10:00 – EEUK organiser, web designer and front end developer, Ian welcomes you.

  3. John Henry Donovan

    John Henry Donovan

    Learn how you can make the largely underused Dashboard a useful stop for your clients, using add-ons and custom widgets.

  4. Ben Croker

    Ben Croker

    What happens when you step outside of the box that is the CP? Ben demonstrates what he believes is EE’s missing feature, and makes you rethink how you can manage content.

  5. Break

    11:45 – Refreshments in the Choir Circle Foyer.

  6. Joel Bradbury

    Joel Bradbury

    Joel takes a look at ExpressionEngine hybrids, and explores how EE can work with or alongside other tools like Laravel.

  7. Lunch

    12:30–14:00 Buffet lunch provided in the Choir Circle Foyer

  8. Tim Mahoney

    Tim Mahoney

    Get some great ExpressionEngine database optimisation and performance tips, techniques and advice.

  9. Chris Mills

    Chris Mills

    Don’t know your CSS Columns from your Flexbox? Don’t worry. W3C Fellow, Opera dev and author Chris Mills has you covered.

  10. Break

    15:30 – Refreshments in the Choir Circle Foyer.

  11. Carl Crawley

    Carl Crawley

    Carl offers his thoughts on the best ways to approach multilingual setup and content management.

  12. Christopher Imrie

    Christopher Imrie

    Chris shares some simple configuration and performance wins, covers some great add-ons to maximise client productivity, and even some unique mobile templates.

  13. After–Party

    18:00 – Rain Bar, 80 Great Bridgewater Street. Please bring your name badge.

All times are approximate.


@ Rain Bar

Rain Bar, Manchester
Rain Bar, Manchester (rear view)

Rain Bar, 80 Great Bridgewater, Manchester, M1 5JG.

Website, Google Map.

Getting There

Rain Bar is just behind The Bridgewater Hall. Closest tram stop is Deansgate-Castlefield. The workshop will take place in the boardroom upstairs. Enter via the main pub entrance. Joel and Low will greet you.

16 May 2013

Building an ExpressionEngine Add–on

  • Lodewijk Schutte

    Lodewijk Schutte (aka “Low”)

    Low is a web developer based in The Netherlands, and regular conference speaker. He’s responsible for some of the finest ExpressionEngine add–ons available.

You’ve built your fair share of EE sites and have used third party add–ons on multiple occasions. You’re pretty sure what the difference is between an Extension and a Module. Perhaps you’ve read a “Hello World” plugin tutorial online somewhere, and maybe you’ve even downloaded a template package from But, as you might have found out, one does not simply build an add–on.

Following his EECI talk and recent screencast, Low will explain the thought process behind building an add–on. What choices have to be made, what resources can be used and how to write clean and efficient code. We will build an add–on from scratch, covering the basics and slightly more advanced topics.

What You’ll Need

Bring a laptop running a local web server (like MAMP PRO or XAMPP) and make sure you have an EE sandbox site ready. Basic PHP knowledge is a prerequisite.


Conferences are mighty expensive. That’s why sponsorship is so important. EEUK.13 would not be possible without the support of our fabulous sponsors:

  1. EngineHosting

    EngineHosting offer load balanced hosting solutions for dynamically driven websites and applications.

  2. Focus Lab

    Focus Lab are branding and ExpressionEngine experts based in Georgia, USA.

  3. Hippo

    Hippo are experts in building rich web applications and dynamic websites in ExpressionEngine.

  4. Solspace

    Solspace make some of the most powerful and widely used ExpressionEngine add–ons available.